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We feel honored and very content to announce that Immigration Nexus and ONE Children’s Foundation continues to grow! Today, we would like to welcome Dayanara Ruiz, Sofia Nelson, and Nanitzia Comparán, the newest members to our ONE Children’s Foundation team. These fantastic women will work together as immigration advocates by working on

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ONE CHILDREN'S FOUNDATION LAUNCHES VITAL CAMPAIGN TO ASSIST IMMIGRANT CHILDREN AND FAMILIES DURING COVID-19 PANDEMIC   Donate Now to Support Supplies for Border Shelters and Local Families April 3, 2020 (Los Angeles, CA) – Led by actress and humanitarian Ana De La Reguera, ONE Children’s Foundation is launching a fundraising campaign to

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JOIN ACTORS FOR A CAUSE & YES, I’M AN IMMIGRANT ADVOCATE TO HELP CHILDREN AT THE BORDER Let’s not wait until the holidays to do our good deeds, let’s start today and help provide for all their urgent needs until they can have a place to call home again.  Let’s strap on

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This Giving Tuesday please join us with other amazing caring donors to help the families who desperately need your help and are still living in tents after the Mexico 2017 earthquake. When you donate to Los Angeles en Mexico, you help transform the lives of many families by giving them a new

Ana and Zelika Visit

English Version On March 28, very early in the morning, Ana de la Reguera came to Puebla accompanied by Zelika, the director of Zona Maco and Karim her son, to visit Tecuanipa. This visit gave us a lot of joy, thanks to Zelika and her donation to ONE Children's Foundation for a

Claudia and Gaby Visit

English Version Claudia Pinto, the director of ONE Children's Foundation and Gaby Carranza, director of Fundación VeracruzANA, visited San Miguel Tecuanipa on March 27. This time they went alone with the idea to have a more in-depth visit with all the families that had been noted in the previous visit. As soon

Esmeralda's Visit

Esmeralda’s Visit

English Version On March 8th, Esmeralda Pimental visited San Miguel de Tecuanipa; accompanied by Scarlett from TVUDLAP, Oscar our engineer from Constructora Misión La Paz, and Gaby from Fundación VeracruzANA. Once arriving to Tecuanipa, the first stop made was to the home of the González family; there we spoke with Mr. Jaime

Image of Ana, Olga, Esmeralda Visit

Ana, Olga and Esmeralda Visit

English Version Our fourth visit to San Miguel Tecuanipa was to handover the home to Don Tobías’ and his family. We left Mexico City early morning, at 6 am, very excited. We had been invited by Zelika to partake in the Zona Maco fair this year; they have been a great support

Image of Gaby's visit

Gaby’s Visit

English Version The third visit to San Miguel Tecuanipa was by Gaby Carranza on behalf of Fundación VeracruzANA, representing Los Ángeles en México to put in motion the construction of the home for the family of Anita. On January 22 we arrived early morning to Tecuanipa; Gaby; Scarlett and Zury from TVUDLAP;

Ana’s Visit 2

English Version We returned to San Miguel Tecuanipa at the beginning of the new year on January 2nd, accompanied by Carla and Gabriela along with the engineers Javier and Óscar, and Gaby from Fundación VeracruzANA. First, we stopped to see Don Tobías property. We were excited to see traces of his new

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