My trip to Leogane, Haiti

My trip to Leogane Haiti, was amazing this time, I’m in love with this country, the people and specially the children. It is amazing to see how noble and humble the Haitian people are, I go there to give and help but I get so much more, I get unconditional love, children will drop anything for a hug.

I wish every one could experience this love, although there are no showers or bathrooms and you don’t have the luxury you have here and that we often take for granted, you don’t miss it because the overwhelming amount of love you receive its above all that.

This time when I went to Haiti, I was meeting some wonderful People there, Miguel Angel, Ivan, Laura and Valentin all of them travel from Spain to meet the children of Leogane, and just like I did they fell in love with the children and are now committed to helping them.

There is so much need in Haiti, but we can only do so much but with your support we can do so much more, right now we hope and plan to build an orphanage for an all girl orphanage that is run by a nun, she started receiving girls about 10 years ago and now has 32 girls from all ages. This woman is AMAZING, she is a real hero, but she is not the only one I have met there, there are so many extremely poor people who run orphanages, can you imagine every day they have to get up and think how they are going to feed 40, 50 or 60 kids at least twice a day, if they can or buy shoes for them or toothbrushes….imagine if you have one child or two how difficult it is sometimes imagine having 50!!!!


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