Trip to Alejandro Cavit Orpahanage

My trip to Tijuana to visit the Alejandro Cavit Orphanage yesterday (3-11-2010) was not what I expected… I went with a car (suv) full of things but customs would not let me thru at the Mexican border, they sent me back US twice but I tried one more time and I made it…. It was very late already almost 1.30 my plan was to be in Tijuana by 9am… but any how my contact in Tijuana, Marcos was still waiting for me at the Costco parking to take me to the orphanage.( it is not easy to get there) so we finally made it to the orphanage and to my surprise the orphanage was in worst shape than the last time we went.. The heavy rains had over flooded the river that runs right thru the orphanage and since they did not have a strong wall it took everything… they were left with one small room and a part of the kitchen… all their belongings were gone…clothing , food, kitchen ware… books everything and anything they had..

Now if they don’t bring the wall up soon the government will close them down and half of the other wall that it sustains that house it’s been held by these pieces of wood that might brake and fall as well.

They children are leaving under horrible conditions, not human being should endure this pain.

We need all the help we can get please help us help them.

make your donations and we will but all the materials they need to rebuild.





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