Maria Conchita Alonso Visited The Orphanage Alejandro Cavit in Tijuana BC. Mexico

As Spokeswoman for One Children’s Foundation she personally offers help to the children from Tijuana

Sherman Oaks, CA, April 5, 2010 – Maria Conchita Alonso, Spokeswoman for One Children’ s Foundation recently visited the orphanage Alejandro Cavit in Tijuana, BC, Mexico, with the purpose of bringing joy to the children. Throughout her visit Maria Conchita Alonso, experienced firsthand the basic necessities which the children of the orphanage lack.

“It was a very sad experience, but at the same time also rewarding being able to share with the children who need so much aid,” commented the Actress/Singer-songwriter and Activist.

During her visit the she personally delivered several gifts, including: food, toys, piñatas and cakes to celebrate the birthdays of two of the children and shared with them another day of life with much happiness and joy.

“We have never had the visit from a celebrity and none the less as important as Miss Maria Conchita Alonso, the children are very happy and I till can’t believe it, thanks to God, that One Children’s Foundation exists, they have taken the time to help us after the damages that our home has undergone due to the past storms and rain,” expressed Veronica Flores director of the Orphanage Alejandro Cavit.

Indeed due to the severe damages that the orphanage suffered in the past months, because of the strong storms, rain and high winds, One Children’ s Foundation took on the task of helping to reconstruct their home, since they were threatened to lose it if they did not receive immediate aid. A couple of weeks ago the founder of One Children’ s Foundation Claudia Pinto and their volunteers traveled to the orphanage and bought materials in order to begin the reconstruction of it. “Much more aid is still needed to finish the construction of the orphanage, however with this initial aid they already have a safer home, our commitment is to help them continuously, for that reason we continued working arduously to obtain monetary donations so that we can continue to help the orphanage until they have a safe construction so that these damages will not happen again in the future.” Said Claudia Pinto, Founder of One Children’ s Foundation, and added, “Maria Conchita Alonso’s visit to the orphanage is only the beginning, we have a commitment and we want to offer a better life to the children that needed the most”

Maria Conchita Alonso has committed to continue personally supporting the orphanage and to also spread and pass on the voice of the necessities and obstacles that the children face day by day and that as human beings it is necessary to continue helping the unfortunate children of the entire world. “Thanks to One Children’s Foundation I’m more committed than ever to help not only Alejandro Cavit’s Orphanage in Tijuana, but all the children, where ever they are, that need our voice. I am so happy to be part of this wonderful foundation, but, we need your help,” added Maria Conchita Alonso.

Equally as in Tijuana there are millions on children around the world that not only have material deficiencies, but also lack of love and compassion.

One Children’ s Foundation will continue supporting various causes as in the case of the Orphanage Alejandro Cavit. Please help with monetary donations, with your aid, there will be less unfortunate children.

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