Keeping Busy, Staying Positive, and Giving Updates

Greetings from ONE Children’s Foundation,

The past week has been exceptionally busy, productive, and positive for our burgeoning nonprofit. Bags of jewelry have been delivered to exceptional small businesses within the area and we are looking to add more every day. In addition, our efforts to expand the team are in the works as we seek out helping hands to sell jewelry to family, friends, coworkers and any others who desire to help out the organization.

Besides our main goals of fundraising through selling jewelry, we are working extra hard in clearing out the office to create an environment that is welcoming and professional. For those who remember our participation in Toyota’s 100 Cars for Good Program, ONE is now eligible for a $1000 grant from the Corporation.

Though things have been a little busy around here, ONE and all those involved continue to keep the end goal in mind. Where children need food in Haiti, ONE and its resources will be there. While orphans wait for much needed shelter and care, ONE is working towards building a new orphanage in Tijuana. Your help is incredibly important. These are needs that are here and now. Your determination in seeing ONE’s mission become a reality is what keeps us going.

Thank you for your support. More updates to come…


The ONE Team


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