Join us next Thrusday October 3rd to deliver donations to Shelter Misión Evangélica Roca de Salvación

Join us Next Thursday October 3rd, we’ll head to Tijuana to deliver donations to the Shelter Misión Evangélica Roca de Salvación. We will spend 4 hours at the shelter from 12 noon to 4 pm doing some fun activities with the children.

We need to raise funds to purchase the following items:
• School supplies: Backpacks, Folders, Notebook, Pens, Rulers, Paper, etc.
• Blank Canvases and painting supplies.
• Children uniforms
• Lunch (Pizzas & juices)

Our activities:
• We’ll bring Costco’s Pizzas to have lunch with all the children and families at the shelter.
• We will do color paintings with the children of Misión Evangélica Roca de Salvación.
• We are bringing books to help them start a little library and will have a story teller to read to them.

How can you participate?
• Donate via PayPal@ONENonProfit
• Via Venmo: @ONENonProfit
• Donate Gift cards from: Target, Kohls or Kmart, Walmart or Costco Shop cards.
• Join our caravan, contribute by spending time supporting those in need!

We want to continue supporting the children that are waiting in shelters at the southern border.

For more information contact Lucero:


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