Chile Earthquake 2010: How to Find People in Chile

The 8.8 earthquake in Chile has many people worried about their friends and relatives in the area. Though information is still scarce, there are some ways to get in touch with those you love.

Use the Google Person Finder for the people of Chile to find someone or to report where you are. You can input information of a person you are trying to find =, or information about yourself or someone you know you may be looking for you, family or friends.

The U.S State Department has a number Americans to call for infomation about relatives and friends: 1-888-407-4747. Due to the high number of calls, youu may hear a recording.

Twitter has the number for emergency telephones in Chile: 568 1290 / 568 1295

You can contact the Red Cross. They also have a Twitter account to follow. Also, search Twitter hashtag #Chile.

Facebook also has a Chile Earthquake Facebook page for people to make contact.


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