Caravan for Good

Please join us next Saturday the 20th on a trip to Tijuana to bring goods to the Children of the Alejandro Cavit Orphanage. We will leave around 6am. We can all leave from different areas but meet by 9.30 am at the Tijuana Costco Parking lot.

If you like to join us please only bring the fallowing for the children. Food, house and personal cleaning, used clothing in great condition only please or cash to buy goods at the Costco in Tijuana.(please no stuffed animals) you will be responsible for all your transportation cost and for bringing the goods to the Children. This is a great opportunity to do something good for those who needed the most.. you can touch their lives personally. Please don’t miss this opportunity.. if you can not make it, make a virtual caravan and have your friends join and donate. we will give you a full report that Saturday afternoon.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

6:00AM – 4:00PM

Los Angeles to Tijuana





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