After the earthquake in September 2017 the community water pump was damaged when rocks and debris fell on it and most of the habitants didn’t have water service, they walked up to an hour to get water from the river and carried water in horses and donkeys to meet their needs. We


Thursday, Aprilth 4th to Saturday, April 6th Carmen, offered the moms that will be benefited through the Foundation, the opportunity to learn a skill that Carmen and her family have perfected for three generations. Carmen’s family has made delicious crystallized handmade sweets and has traveled from Puebla to the state of Veracruz


Lucrecia’s Family

English Version: Lucrecia is 30 years old, she’s an orphan and single mother of 3 children: José Manuel, 11 years old, David Alberto, 7 years old, and Fernando, 5 years old. She does not have a home or a piece of land, the little adobe room where they live is borrowed, this

Timoteo and Ana Flor’s Family

English Version: Timoteo and Ana Flor have three children, Cristian, 7 years old, Ana Itzel, 5 years old, and little Jessica, 3 years old. Timoteo only has a job during the amaranth harvest months, which are November, December and January. Ana Flor is dedicated to taking care of her children and in

We are hours away from #GivingTuesday

This Giving Tuesday please join us with other amazing caring donors to help the families who desperately need your help and are still living in tents after the Mexico 2017 earthquake. When you donate to Los Angeles en Mexico, you help transform the lives of many families by giving them a new

Francisco and Imelda’s Family

English Version: Don Francisco and Doña Imelda are parents to 3 little children: Diana 5 years old, Francisco 4 years old, and little Itzel 1 year old. Don Francisco is a farmer in a small field of amaranth in the community of Tecuanipa, where 80% of his population grows it. Doña Imelda

Lourdes and Arsenio’s Family

English Version Arsenio y Lourdes tienen 3 hijos: Lizeth de 5 años, Oscar de 4 años y la pequeña Ana de 2 años. Ellos siempre han vivido en Tecuanipa y ambos se dedican al campo. Por las mañanas doña Lulú, como le dicen de cariño, arregla a los niños para llevarlos a

Araceli and Francisco’s Family

English Version: Araceli and Francisco have two children; Juan José of 5 years old and Verónica Isabel of 10 years old. They lost their house on September 19 after the earthquake. Since that day, the children along with their parents and their few belongings remaining live in a tent. Francisco works in

Elpidio’s Family

English Version: Elpidio Pineda Aguilar and Victoria are parents of 5 children; Guillermo the oldest is 9 years old, followed by Guadalupe of 8, Sergio of 7, Ema of 5 and Miguel of 3. They married at 18 and went to live in the part of the land that Elpidio's father left

Eva’s Family

English Version: Eva Cruz Rojas and Mauro Huerta Dávila have 6 children. They lost their house in the earthquake of September 19, since that date they have been living in a tent. They keep some of their belongings in what was left of their room sized house, which had only one bed

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