Trip to A Cavit

A Heartwarming Trip to the Alejandro Cavit Orphanage From ONE

This past weekend, ONE Children’s Foundation was proud to make the trip down to Tijuana to visit the Alejandro Cavit Orphanage once again. The couple running the orphanage, Veronica and Mario, were taken by surprise when ONE volunteers showed up with food, blankets, and clothing for the children. With such low levels of sustenance and so few living supplies in stock at the orphanage, our nonprofit was able to deliver much needed aid to the children.

Ravaged by hunger, violence, and poverty, the border town of Tijuana can be a challenging place to live, especially for those living at Alejandro Cavit. With next to nothing, the orphanage has managed to survive with a lot of help from ONE Children’s Foundation. Every supporter of ONE is an integral part of keeping the orphanage on its feet.

Tijuana is a city located only two hours away from the Los Angeles area. You too can volunteer to make the trip down to Alejandro Cavit for one of ONE Children’s Foundation’s many trips. If you can’t make the trip down, ONE Children’s Foundation gladly accepts financial contributions, which are most helpful for the orphanage. Donations of food, blankets, clothing, and other items that would be useful for the orphanage are appreciated as well.

Please email for more information as well as sign up for our trips or donate items.


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