We visited Centro 32˚ to discuss the needs of the children and how to support them

Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting our immigrant advocate organization colleagues from Centro 32˚ FBT

We had the opportunity to talk and see what resources we may have at our disposal to help meet one of the most important needs that exist, the children’s early childhood.

Centro 32˚ team has been in a constantly working hard to create programs aimed at children and their parents, for children to have a healthy and happy childhood it is essential to also support the parents. In the time we spent together yesterday, we view the options and strategic plans that we could carry out together, to provide for as many children as possible.

Our colleagues at Centro 32˚ are carrying out a beautiful project created for early childhood and their caregivers, where they seek to help them through sessions with teaching consultants to have a guide in the path of their childhood. This project has had a very positive impact on the lives of the children, however since this is an ongoing program, to keep it running it needs the support and commitment supporters.

We love their project and we would love to be able to support  them in any way that we can, with the help of our amazing community, we hope to soon share more details on how we can all take part of this great cause.


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