We Need Your Help for Our Orphanage Trip!

ONE Children’s Foundation is making another trip to the Alejandro Cavit Orphanage this Saturday, September 3. The caravan departs Sherman Oaks at 6 a.m. The great things is that you can be a part of it! If you have your own vehicle, call our office at (818) 745-7967 or email us at info at onechildrensfoundation.org if you would like to join us. Please bring donated items for the children at Alejandro Cavit (clothing, food, etc.).

If you cannot make it for the trip, please feel free to make a monetary donation! ONE needs construction supplies for rebuilding the structure, cleaning supplies for the orphanage, and food for the children. All of these items can be very expensive, and any contribution helps. Please contact us at the phone number or email address listed above to find out how you can donate.

You can also visit our Causes Page for more information on the Alejandro Cavit Orphanage.


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