Success Stories

EUNIME, an Orphanage/Shelter for children and their families who live with HIV and AIDS.

Second Stop: EUNIME An Orphanage/Shelter for children and their families who live with HIV and AIDS. The women who head the center are Juana Ortiz Quezada and her sister Rosalva. As Juana greeted us we wanted to first learn about the center and see if we would be able to meet with the children. She explained to us the reasons for this center and the importance of educating families, parents and children of the disease….

Third Stop: The Shelter for Immigrants

THE SHELTER FOR IMMIGRANTS where hundreds of people come for a dinner at 6pm and a little spot to sleep. And often times that spot to sleep is on the floor. None of these people are from Tijuana. They have traveled from far foreign countries hoping to cross the border in the search of a better life in the US. Some have been deported from the US after living there for 30 years, so they…

Fourth Stop: County Hospital

It is 8pm and now we are heading to our fourth stop, the COUNTY HOSPITAL at the Pediatric floor. We parked close to the gate so the access will be easier to unload the boxes, and we notice numerous adults waiting outside. The guard informs us that these people are waiting to hear from their sick family member who is inside the hospital. They have walked for hours or have taken the buses from very…

Last Stop: EL Faro Orphanage

Family owned orphanage. Children are rescued from parents who can’t take care of them. ORPHANAGE EL FARO our last stop before heading back to Los Angeles. There, fifty children are being sheltered. As we enter the shelter and start unloading the truck all of the children come to help us carry the belongings we have for them. We place all the clothes on a large table in a dark room where an old TV entertains…

City of Bell Gardens and ONE Holiday Celebration

We are so happy to have partner with the City Bell Gardens for what was a great XMAS event. Children were so happy… They ate, tamales, sweet bread, drank juice and hot chocolate. The live entertainment kept everyone happy and the children from the city of Bell Gardens’ ballet folklorico danced to several traditional songs. Cecilia Bogran, from Univision channel 34 was the master of ceremonies and with the help of children held several raffles…


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