ONE Children’s Foundation joins the digital innovation world of NFTs, we believe that non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are coming to transform the way we understand digital transactions and for charities the way we fundraise.

After our lives changed with the advent of COVID-19 people became much more creative and relied much more on technology.

The market for NFTs, became popular because they can take countless forms, many creators and artists around the world can share and receive payment for their work, even for the causes you support by acquiring an NFT. It is very easy to understand NFT transactions, because they are permanently recorded in a digital ledger, and it is possible to know who made the purchase, when it took place and how much the buyer spent.

That is why ONE Children’s Foundation introduces its new program ONE NFT Universe which for the past few months has been created with much love and dedication, being of great satisfaction for us to see it launched and to be able to share it with you, since not only will we be a part of something great, but you will also be able to join our project through your creativity and kindness.

ONE NFT Universe will help us fundraise for the needs of the most disadvantaged children, through the kind and generous donations of NFTs from our supporters, creators and collaborators who will be able to donate single NFTs or partner with us to sell entire NFT collections and promote global creators.

We will soon announce the drop of our first collection. Stay tuned!

If you want to support ONE with your NTFs donations our Wallet ID:


Or buy an NFT on the following link:

You can access ONE NFT Universe through the following link:

Support ONE and be part of the change!


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