As Mexico celebrates “El Dia del niño” on April 30, we decided to organize a children’s day event in for the children living in shelters at the Tijuana Border. We want to celebrate a very special day for the children and bring food, gifts and special activities for them, where they can be themselves.

We know that we are going through difficult times and sometimes the most disadvantaged children live experiences that make them become little adults and they can’t enjoy their childhood, we want to remind them that they are children and they have the right to have fun and enjoy their childhood.

To carry out the children’s celebration this April 30 we have need to raise $1,500 DLLS, with this budget we hope to buy pizza and juices, candy, balloons, coloring books and toys for the children, as well as some fun with a science show.

Let’s remember that children are the most vulnerable population, who suffer the most from the crises and problems of the world. Therefore, we must do everything possible to support them in every possible way, and we know that with your help we can do it.

If you want to be part of this incredible celebration you can support us with your donation through our GofundMe campaign or join our fundraising team, with the help of all of you we will be able to reach our goal.

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