We recently launched a fundraising campaign for our Immigration Nexus online platform, created for the entire immigrant community and those who advocate for immigrant rights.

Immigration Nexus is an online platform that was created with the thought of immigrant children and their families in need of resources and information.

Immigration Nexus wanted to create a reliable source of information for immigrant families by providing all the necessaries resources and contacts under one space such as legal advocates, shelters, religious organizations, health centers, consulates, non-profit organizations and many other in the United States.

Immigration Nexus does not just benefit immigrant families but also other Immigrant Advocate Organizations which makes it easy for them to connect and find one another as well as potential sponsors and or donors who want to donate or support those same organizations. This way they can all be easily be found under one roof.


Some of the organizations already on board:

  • Families Belong Together
  • The Young Center for Immigrant Children Rights
  • Border Angels
  • Border Kindness
  • Justice for Migrant Woman
  • Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights
  • Catholic Charities
  • Al Otro Lado
  • American Friends Service Committee (San Diego)
  • Border Network for Human Rights

How our Program-Platform works:

  • Provides the easiest way for immigrants through a quick search to locate advocates available and the services they provide from across the US.
  • Immigrant families can find pro-bono attorneys, organizations, churches, shelters, health clinics, consuls, etc.
  • It works not just a directory but as an interactive platform that serves both Organizations and the Immigrant Community
  • Allows Advocate Member Organizations to share information, such daily news, article, events, videos, products, classifieds, jobs, image galleries and much more.
  • It provides an easy way for immigrant advocates to find one another.
  • It helps individuals and companies wanting to donate/help Immigrant Advocate organizations be found under one space.
  • Creates awareness to all and the many Immigrant Advocate Organizations
  • Multilanguage options

How your financial support will help our program platform: 

  • Maintain platform, (devs & programmers)
  • Implement new features to our platform
  • Administrative, Office expenses, legal fees, accounting fees etc.
  • Hire Immigrant Advocate director to run the day to day operations of our program
  • Hire dedicated representative to reach-out to advocate organizations to bring them onboard.
  • Hire member relationship manager to maintain members and information update.
  • Hire dedicated communications representative to keep our community informed.
  • Hire reps to visit and reach-out to shelters and organizations across the border.
  • Hire independent Grant Writer
  • Create events for local communities
  • Attend Immigration advocates events
  • Promotion and marketing
  • Develop an APP (Phase 2)

You can support us with your donation through our GofundMe campaign or join our fundraising team:

If you are a corporate sponsor or are not able to donate but can support our program in any other way please contact us.

Immigration Nexus is not a political organization, is a program of ONE Children’s Foundation (501 C3) Non-profit organization that provides support to disadvantage children around the world without exceptions.


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