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Los Angeles en Mexico: Olga Segura and Karla Souza, presented their new initiative: Immigration Nexus to a select group of Immigrant Advocates. Alongside community leaders and collaborators, and before the mainstream media attending the meeting (Univision, Estrella TV, Agencia EFE, Televisa, Hoy Newspaper, La Opinion, among others), Olga and Karla revealed during


Angelica and Victor Hugo’s Family

English Version: Angélica Hernández Ortega and Víctor Hugo Martínez Flores have a daughter named Anahi who is 1 year 4 months old. Víctor works in the amaranth fields and Angelica makes “doraditas” and chocolates to sell in order to bring some extra money to her family. This little family has lived in


Maria Edith and Francisco’s Family

English Version: María Edith and Francisco have 4 children: Diana of 10 years, Frida of 5 years, Francisco Gael of 3 years and Axel of 2 years. Edith became pregnant when she lived with her parents and a few years she was the single mother of Diana and Frida, the girls' father


Fabiola’s Family

English Version: Fabiola Rojas García has two daughters, Melissa Yaneli, 6 years old, and Dulce Maria, 3 years old. Fabiola works in the amaranth fields, during the reconstruction time of Tecuanipa she was selling food to the workers and when her mom bakes bread she is in charge of selling it. She

clarita family

Clarita’s Family

English Version: Clara Rojas Vázquez is a single mother of 4 children; Ana María of 13, Luisa of 11, Daniel of 5 and the youngest José of only 7 months. Clara separated from her husband a couple of years ago and since then she has not received any support from him. She

Diego and Lizbeth Family

English Version: Diego works in the field as a laborer, he chops wood, and runs other errands. Liz is a housewife, due to having small children. Diego is 20 years old and Liz is 16 years old, they have two children, Joselyn is one and a half year old and the baby

Angelica Humberto

Angelica and Humberto’s Family

English Version: Humberto and Angelica, 24 and 22 years old respectively have two girls, Andrea 6 years old and Janneli Guadalupe a year and a half. Angelica sells snacks such as pumpkin seeds, fried foods, different sort of nuts and “alegrías” (amaranth candy typical of the region), she travels by bus to


After the earthquake in September 2017 the community water pump was damaged when rocks and debris fell on it and most of the habitants didn’t have water service, they walked up to an hour to get water from the river and carried water in horses and donkeys to meet their needs. We


Thursday, Aprilth 4th to Saturday, April 6th Carmen, offered the moms that will be benefited through the Foundation, the opportunity to learn a skill that Carmen and her family have perfected for three generations. Carmen’s family has made delicious crystallized handmade sweets and has traveled from Puebla to the state of Veracruz


Lucrecia’s Family

English Version: Lucrecia is 30 years old, she’s an orphan and single mother of 3 children: José Manuel, 11 years old, David Alberto, 7 years old, and Fernando, 5 years old. She does not have a home or a piece of land, the little adobe room where they live is borrowed, this

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